Bags have been the wardrobe du-jour for both men and women. It hasn’t been late when even men got real finicky for bags they can carry everyday to work, travel and gym. Considering the importance of this wardrobe essential, Teakwood Leathers have envisaged a broad range of unisex leather bags that are foremost the most durable and luxurious pick of the season.

The classic sheen of the genuine leather and the ridiculous durability of the bags make them an irresistible pick for the season. Brisk walking in the morning to gym or going to a vacation, the bags have all your needs sorted.

The leather hand bags can be used for decades and is an ageless shell pick for one. From messenger bags to shoulder slings and duffel, the wide assortment of bags will leave you craving for one.

Dive in as we have segregated a few best picks for you that you’d love flaunting around


Finding a perfect leather bag can be a bit difficult as one has to look for a functional classic piece that would fit in all your documents and pricey laptops safely. Well, get up, dress up and carry this sophisticated beauty to your important meetings that is surely going to impress your colleagues around. Good enough to mark a defined impression, this genuine leather bag is a charmer of its own to carry it around in confidence.


Sling bags are the most comfortable and chic style you can carry anywhere. Hung on shoulder, the sling bags are best to carry when one has to spend the day out from dusk till dawn. This genuine leather bag is a versatile repertoire for one to carry as it is spacious as well as looks splendid. Redefine your casual looks with this bag that will add the right amount of shine and luxury to your looks.


The travel bags are a real concern when going for vacation or important business trips. Duffel bags are a right choice for you to stuff all your essentials in ease when travelling.The luxurious texture and the polished look of the bag will nail all your travel looks. The right bag can take you right places in a right attitude. Hunt no further, Teakwood Leathers have got you the best of the best.


This black leather bag hand finished skillfully is an outstanding statement piece for day and night. Carry it with your casual looks and let your winter looks fly with utter sophistication. The bag with multiple zips provides you a convenient space to carry all your necessities in place and safe.

Own the timeless possession and keep your confidence right in your hands with Teakwood Leathers luxurious work bags for men and women. An asset to the closets, the bags will uplift your looks as well as your personality adding grace and composure to it. The prime texture and the lustrous shine of the leather is up the ante and is an unmissable option to shop.


High on Fashion Leather Handbags for Women

Leather is the most luxurious and classic piece of textile sported by men and women for around years. Leather jackets, shoes, bags and even accessories, all add a bewitching taste to your closets.

Well said, a shoe can speak a lot about a man, same goes for women and handbags. A hand bag tells a lot about a woman’s persona. You are an all time classic holder or an experimental one, you wish to keep your looks simple and classic or love to over-do, all can be assayed from your handbags. There was a time when formal meetings were attended with sturdy briefcases but after the changing scenario in 90’s the stodgy briefcases are set aside and people are more into carrying spacious and versatile leather handbags.

A woman has a set apart relationship with her handbag thus choosing the right one for oneself is indispensable.

In order to simplify your pick, we have magnified some up class leather handbag options for you that are absolutely versatile, functional as well as alluring for all the bag wooers.

This bag is absolutely upbeat and a right choice for you to carry to work as well as travel. Best to fit in all your essentials, this leather messenger bag is spacious and the synthetic strap gives it a great grip to carry it in comfort. The genuine leather and the haute color of this bag make it a go -to -go option for one to gear up their fine formal look. Carry it to your important business trips or make them an everyday affair, this bag will keep your confidence and class intact.

Searching for a standard laptop bag for your everyday use? Get your hands on this uptown classic tan leather bag appropriate for one to establish a great first impression with anyone you come in contact with, be it a boss or a colleague. This fine bag will help you establish a strong professional presence among your colleagues and mentors and is functional enough to keep your laptop safe. You can conveniently yet stylishly carry it to your meetings, airport or back and forth to office.

A spacious sling bag that is soft and hand painted is a major must- have for you this season. This genuine leather bag is undoubtedly durable and sure to serve you for long years. The sling bags are the most convenient light weight carryalls to travel in ease and poise. This piece of classic sling is suitable to rock your casual looks as well as keep your formal looks on point. Carry them to your formal meet- ups or flaunt them with your street look, these are well to suit you any day and anywhere.

Embrace this craftsmanship of perfection and hold on to some functionality of the leather purses as it is a legacy that will make you rich and lend your look a fine classic appeal. Invest in these time-honored pieces this season and stand-out in the crowd with utmost sophistication.