MEN’S SHOE GUIDE- an ultimate way to flaunt

You know it’s a saying, that a man is judged by his shoes. Well, that’s true. And there’s no harm to look good in a proper way.

So here is some piece of knowledge in a stylish way to look at and manage your show closet by online or offline purchases!

To begin with remember having a great pair of dress shoes in your closet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s a fact that even men who default to casual shoes and sneakers will eventually need to suit-up. Occasion calls for it!



 Well rightly said, here is something you need to know. If you are someone who is image-conscious, Also has an eye for details and you make sure that everything is in-place then let me tell you, your wardrobe needs few additional pairs.

1. THE FORMAL NOTICE- Formal Leather shoes are also called ‘’dress shoes’’ which are often wore at office, conferences, weddings and other formal pristine occasions. Widely known as “OXFORDS”, these shoes have cap-toe and closed-lacing. You can easily buy these formal leather shoes online for men on www.teakwoodleathers.com . You can find these in colours like black, brown, tan and burgundy. I’ll suggest you to go for black at the start and then move to any other colour as per your outfit. 2. SEMI-FORMAL OR SEMI-CASUAL- So here is some piece of knowledge in a stylish way to look at and manage your show closet by online or offline purchases!
The other essential shoe-type is “semi-formal or semi-casual”, however you would want to address these shoes. But what’s important is, it’s to have them in your wardrobe. These shoes are majorly worn on a casual-weekday at office or say maybe a fun-date or a dinner with friends, or while you hang out in some cornier exploring the unusual.

There are pretty much different from core formal shoes like oxfords etc. They are unique in their shape and fabric, these shoes are often slip-ons (without laces). Also, one of it types is Loafers, when made of rich-leather and having a tassel, are a good replacement to your oxfords to add style your formal-look.
ha! That’s so easy! And also unique! Who wouldn’t want it? And let me tell you leather shoes are an investment, it surely is costly but worth the product. You can swing and flaunt your feet like the way you want!

Things you must do – Polish often or at least keep it clean. Take care of the shape and fabric. Go sockless or team up with coloured/ patterned socks matching your attire.



Hmm! The title smells like the real leather as well!
I want to tell you, that if you have never worn a pair of leather shoes, you’re surely missing out on something huge!
Be it for work or any other matter, Leather shoes for men in their wardrobe is necessary!
Did you know, once you get addicted to this leather material, it’ll get on your nerves.
Leather shoes are quite popular amongst those people with active jobs, or people who need shoes that will give their feet extra comfort and protection.
Also, you might think leather is a little pricy. Well, yes it is but it’s surely an investment and not just burning a hole in your pocket.
Also, there is not just one but so many benefits of leather shoes.

wanna know why leather shoes getting on my nerves- here we have the reasons!


That’s a fact you can’t deny, genuine leather is damm stylish. They look luxury. The classic taste, with sober design looks chic. Leather naturally makes the shoes or clothes look classy and luxurious. Do you know why? Because the material is sleek and shiny! It’s not like other synthetic or plastic material that gives a cheap look on a subtle dressing.

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We all are aware of this point. Am I right? Well still, let me explain you a little more.
One of the biggest benefits of leather shoes is they are durable. Shoe made from other material by torn down after a certain time period but leather shoes, (genuine leather) can outlive this time period of other shoes. High quality leather stays strong against demanding work environments meaning the shoes will last much longer.
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People might think they can buy 2 synthetic shoes instead of one pair of leather shoes, where they mistake it by doing so. Leather is an investment , and it won’t go out of fashion anytime soon!


Isn’t it like adding an extra quality to the already existing material?

When you work outside, you need to take care of your shoes for sure. Leather when treated and waxed then it will be resistant against water and other liquids. Well, it’s a truth that leather shoes can keep your toes dry from any spills or puddles.



Leather shoes are not just a treat to eyes but also releases a level of comfort.
As well as being a naturally strong material, leather is also very comfortable.
They offer a high level of support and comfort to your feet. Finding the right shoes is very important to avoid injuring feet and other body parts.

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Dressing perfectly is surely a gentleman’s treat but if the shoe isn’t playing the right game there, the look falls off instantly. A good shoe can make your ensemble look 10 times better where on the other hand; a shabby shoe can give a bad trip to your entire dressy look.

A shoe depicts your personality and plays a major role in making your entire look come through well. You are being judged by the kind of the shoe your wear; therefore it’s a must to own a perfect shoe for oneself.

If you are not paying heed to your shoes until now, it’s time for you to up the ante of your shoe game by incorporating some hot picks in your wardrobe. Choosing a perfect pair of shoe can be quite tricky hence, there are things you must keep in mind while shoe shopping.

Know Your Shoe

Shoes come in diverse range and distinguished styles- Oxfords, Monks, Brogues, Boots and Derby are the exclusive members of the formal shoe family. Every shoe holds a distinct style; the Oxfords being the most popular have become ubiquitous. These in vogue and well-liked men’s shoes are the immutable statement piece of every shoe closet for the formal to casual go-to styles. Monks are the decorated strappy delight to one’s feet and are suitable to pair with the suits and tuxedos. Boots are the bearers of bold style, well to go with ripped denim and even tux; they hold a daring dapper look. Derby is the comfortable slip in and out shoe that is well to go with your formal as well as casual look. Choose according to what it’s worth and what goes with your everyday style.

Style It Right

Style plays a yet more crucial role when dressing up formal. Formal shoes are versatile, be it a free casual look or a formal conventional style, formal shoes have your back.

For a true gentleman’s look, oxfords are best to be paired with your well-fitted suits. The oxfords feature the tied-up lace and comfortable fit. Moreover, other than matching them with suits and pants; they can be well paired up with chinos and jeans for a semi-formal cum casual look. Trade them with your classic denim and a sharp shirt for a wonderful ensemble to behold.

Monk shoes are the perfect dressy shoes for a fantastic formal appeal. Add a complex style statement to your look in this fancy footwear. A brown monk shoe will very well go with a navy blue suit; the brown will balance out the hues and give a clean and crisp put-together look. Flaunt an all-black classy style by pairing a black monk shoe with your well-fitted black slim suits or a tuxedo for an evening do.

Be it board meetings or an official party you are doomed to attend, a smart formal look is what puts you in the sophisticated grid of style. To achieve the same, it’s a must for you to escalate your shoe game right away. Get your fingers tapped on www.teakwoodleathers.com to brace up your shoe closets now.