Introducing Leather “Watches” to Our Collection

Watches-A New Addition To The Teakwood Family

Hurayyy!!! The wait is finally over. It took some time but we finally made it and are pleased to introduce our new collection of wrist watches that promise the same class and quality that Teakwood as a brand stands for. If you are a fan of leather strap watches or not, our collection is rest assured to entice you and you might just end up buying one for every occasion.

Leather watches have always looked fabulous right from the generation of our grandparents to us, “the millennials”, certainly an ageless, “must have” fashion accessory and these ones in particular would just accentuate your style with their class and grace. Be it that rocks your sporty casual look to the sophisticated office attire, we have one for every occasion. So, gear up to witness one of the best collection of watches in a long time that too at an affordable price.

Minimalist Watch

The minimalist watches are a great no-fuss option for any man. Simple, classic and timeless are the adjectives that define such a watch. At the first glimpse, it might look simple, however it is packed with subtle detailing including a grained calfskin strap with a guilloché spiral pattern on its silvery-white dial and of course, the timeless, its analog feature. We have all heard that “Less is more’, the sheer class of this piece is rest assured to get you noticed in any gathering. Be it the brown leather strap or the metal dial, anyone and everyone would fall in love with such art of craftsmanship.

Gold Coin Edge Watch

Remember the 70’s classics or the Bond flicks, this leather strapped gold coin edge is here to give you the nostalgia of that era. Though the inspiration is such, but the style quotient is from the top drawer. Built for those who wouldn’t compromise on the class and style, this watch is for such an audience. A piece like this on your wrist talks about your personality and the class and respect you command. In simple words, it is the “alpha” male amongst the watches for the “alpha” male in you with a striking balance of elegance and modern design.

Sporty Blue Coin

A perfect combination of the sporty personality of yours with a dash of sophistication. This one comes in a nice blue leather strap that would rock your casual look. So, if you have an element of sporty coolness in you, this “must have” accessory is sure to add grace and style at the same time.

Watch Out for Leather Strap Watches

YOU WHICH ONE ARE YOU BUYING? We knew it would be difficult to freeze your mind on one. Let us help you with this, check out the entire collection at
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So what are you waiting for? Explore the collection to choose some classic timepieces that would complement every style and occasion.

We know you have an eye for class and fashion.


All About Leather Luxe

With so many options out there in leather, getting spoilt for choice is just so easy. It can be incredibly baffling when you have to select the best design that meets your purpose. Right from the laptop bags to leather shoes, everything should be in place when you are getting ready to astonish your associates with your luxurious and classic style. Gone are the days when buying genuine leather products was hard nut to crack, thanks to the online sites offering leather everyday essentials for men.

It’s not just the classic laptop bags for men genre that is swelling up, rather, the entire range of men’s bags is hot with different options. In this blog, we have laid out the most basic yet essential leather everyday accessories that every man should own to lead like a leader.

Leather Laptop Bags

These days, leather bags are the most functional accessory to men’s closet as they carry your daily necessities and keep your valuables safe and secure. More importantly, the right bag can fill the gap you might observe while leaving for work. Finding the right laptop bag is harder than it seems, however, we offer high quality, durable and easy-to-carry leather laptop bags. You can always read and find the best leather product that can accentuate your style without compromising on the style and comfort. A wide range of sturdy and tough bags are available in different elegant colors and subtle designs. These bags are designed to meet your requirements and a detachable strap makes it more versatile.

Leather Wallets

You might be given to thinking that leather wallets are of much importance when it comes to investing in leather business essentials Not really! It is, in fact, the most convenient and essential accessory on family outings, business trips or long vacations is leather wallets since they keep your credit cards and money safe and in place. However, a lot of men don’t pay much importance and attention towards the design and pattern of the men’s leather wallets. This leather wallet is made of genuine leather, which adds a class to your overall personality.

Leather Formal Shoes

The classic shoes for men is something that can’t be ignored. Whether it’s a business meeting or any official meeting, these formal shoes for men are quite a style statement. When embellished with tasseled, these brogue shoes are perfect for work wear. Wear them to work or to brunches, they are worth wearing and a great investment to make.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, we have decoded the most basic business essentials for men who want to look exceptionally classy and elegant at work. So, choose your style from our latest and classic collection of leather products and flaunt the luxury of genuine leather at your workplace. Before placing an order, make sure that you rely on genuine products only when you purchase leather products online.

Keep an eye for more tips and trends coming your way!


Handbags are for Girls! Leather is for Women

What really sets you apart from the crowd is your fashion sense. In a world of succinct communication, style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. It’s the first thing someone notices about you and you know what they say about first impressions. So what does one do to set themselves aside from the crowd?

A bag is the defining statement of your whole ensemble. And while lavish handbags (and their cheap rip offs) are easily available in every nook and corner, they won’t do the job when you want to stand out. That’s where leather bags come into the picture. The sleekness of a leather bag is the most understated yet luxurious way of owning a look. Here’s three ways to incorporate them with your everyday outfits.

1.With Street Style

You can never go wrong with a simple pair of denims, a grey jersey top, boots and a leather sling bag on the side to add a little edge to the look. In the winter, add a denim jacket on top to finish the look. It’s the most sophisticated way of dressing in basics while still saying ‘watch out’.

2.With your Work Look

Everyone carries a big black handbag to work. Why be part of the crowd? Carry all your essentials, lipsticks, brushes, tissues and make-up in a small leather bag. Leather has a luxurious quality that other materials lack. You can either replace your usual bag with a leather bag or simply add a small one that fits all your wallet items into the main one.

3.With the Hipster Look

If you have an inclination to art and want to style like an artist this look is perfect for you. With your usual long flowy printed skirts and shrugs, add a leather bag on the side. It balances the vibrancy of ensemble while completely melting into the look. In fact, any hippie look is incomplete without a leather bag to match the headgear and flats.

All your three looks are destined to leak great condition on only one thing. The leather you use is real. Faux leather never helped anyone, let alone the fact that it barely lasts. So make sure you buy only genuine leather bags online in India. They come in a variety of colors ranging from browns and blacks to maroons. Experiment with looks, pair the bags with different styles and unapologetically match the leather bags with other leather accessories, because there is no right or wrong when it comes to self expression.


3 Must-Haves For Leather Weather!!

Some people call it winter, we call it leather weather. If you’re a leather fanatic you’ve been waiting for winters to come so that you can pull out your leather jackets, shoes, belts and wallets to flaunt your leather luxe. Neither, your leather jackets would be able to accompany you everywhere, nor would your belts. However, your shoes are something that would go where ever you go. Right from office to night outs, there’s not one place where these prized possessions of yours wouldn’t make you proud. Anyone who is a leather connoisseur knows that the feeling of wearing leather shoes is unparalleled. If you’re a beginner, here is a list of formal leather shoes you should invest in.

The Classic – Leather Shoes
They’re different kinds of classics- the ones with laces, ones you can simply slip on, ones without laces and many more. As per your choice and convenience, you can purchase any that you are most comfortable with. Wear them to work or to brunches or make them your everyday staples, they’re worth wearing and a great investment to make.

The Robust –Leather Boots
Not enough can be said in the praise of the man who made leather boots. They’re beasts of shoes. The style, the finesse, and the royal quality- they’re unbeatable not just by simple shoes, but also by other kinds of leather shoes. If you have to invest in just one pair, make sure it has to be men’s leather boots. The versatility in terms of where you can wear them and with what, is just an added bonus.

The Dressy- Leather Formal Shoes
Who says moccasins are just for women? Right from weddings to a trip with the guys, these shoes will serve you well for every upscale formal occasion. The intricate work done on high quality genuine leather shoes makes them one of a kind, fit only for high profile events. They’re not meant for casual wear since the work done on dressy shoes makes them stand out. It might be too corny to wear these on casual outings, so save these exquisite shoes for special occasions only.

If you’re buying leather shoes online make sure you purchase from a credible website. These leather shoes can be quite an investment and you don’t want to be wasting that kind of money unless you are purchasing genuine leather shoes. The fake ones don’t last for long and are simply incomparable to the luxury and quality real leather shoes offer.


Effective Ways to Buying Genuine Leather Bags!

Not many know about the making of a leather bag. There are many brands for leather bags that make fakes, replicas and sleazy rip offs of the real stuff. There is a lot of overpriced pretentious leather out there that barely lasts a season before the badly tailored material and zippers are giving in. The leather bags made out of high quality leather that can last about as much as a decade. So how do you spot the real ones from the fake ones? Here’s how!

1. Leather Skin
Genuine leather hides are soft and durable. Faux leather has its surface altered to mask the natural markings on the hide. They have an artificial grain pattern and are then coated with paint on the skin to resemble the full grain leather. So when you go shopping make sure you look for ‘full grain’.

2. Assess the Quality
The tanning process and the hide selection ultimately determine the quality of the leather.The leather is typically assessed based on how clean the hide is, and the overall state of the animal’s skin.The tanning process determines how the skin is treated to make it durable and give it a longer life. Essentially, the material should just be soft, durable and smooth, and bear little to no familiarity with synthetic or vinyl compounds.

3. Straps
The handle is the most functional unit of the bag. It should be soft, sturdy and made of multiple layers of leather which has been stacked. It should be thick and just long enough to not sway as one walks. If the strap is stitched to the bag there should be an additional layer of tack stitching where the handle and the bag meet.

It can be very tricky to study leather , especially in bags. And since telling the difference can be a difficult job for an unprofessional eye, it’s always safer to buy genuine leather bags online in India. They’re certified, safe and credible sources of procuring leather unlike in the markets where anyone can be easily conned.


How to Pull off Leather Jackets at Every Occasion!!

Genuine Leather Jackets

From the rebel soul’s staple to a sophisticated item of power clothing- the leather jacket has gone through a metamorphosis. It is no longer exclusive to men, bikers or metal heads.  They have been accepted in all their glory by everyone today, so much so that some people even wear them to work. Today,  Leather jackets are worn over crisp shirts with ties. Leather jackets for men have become adaptable- you can wear them anywhere from parties to work. Underneath tee shirts or over sweaters. Here are a few ways you can mix and match your favorite biker jacket to become an appropriate ensemble for any occasion!

1. Sunday Brunch
Brunches are a great time to wear color. So if you have a tan blue jacket or a black jacket- this is your perfect chance to sport them. Wear them with a classic v-neck tee shirt underneath and gel your hair up. You can finish the look with a good pair of leather loafers.

2. Date Night
Wearing a leather jacket on a date night is an inadvertent way of owning your cool and casual personality. Don’t go overboard with the look though. The jacket in itself exudes enough attitude, confidence and sex appeal. Be simple, be subtle.

3.  Boys Night Out
Leather jackets are to boys night out what gowns are receptions. They’re their official ensemble. Nothing says manly like a man on a bike and a leather jacket over his shoulders. It strikes the balance between classic and edgy- rough and gentlemanly.

4. Office
It isn’t all that difficult to wear a leather jacket at work. Wear a formal white shirt, a tie and instead of a blazer put on a biker jacket. Wear your usual formal shoes and gel your hair at the back for a subtle, professional look.

Leather jackets are the major reason any rebel looks forward to winter. They’re bold without being too loud, they’re sophisticated and they’re chic.  And most importantly, they’re unapologetic. With the above tips, you can wear your favorite genuine leather jackets to any occasion.