Dressing perfectly is surely a gentleman’s treat but if the shoe isn’t playing the right game there, the look falls off instantly. A good shoe can make your ensemble look 10 times better where on the other hand; a shabby shoe can give a bad trip to your entire dressy look.

A shoe depicts your personality and plays a major role in making your entire look come through well. You are being judged by the kind of the shoe your wear; therefore it’s a must to own a perfect shoe for oneself.

If you are not paying heed to your shoes until now, it’s time for you to up the ante of your shoe game by incorporating some hot picks in your wardrobe. Choosing a perfect pair of shoe can be quite tricky hence, there are things you must keep in mind while shoe shopping.

Know Your Shoe

Shoes come in diverse range and distinguished styles- Oxfords, Monks, Brogues, Boots and Derby are the exclusive members of the formal shoe family. Every shoe holds a distinct style; the Oxfords being the most popular have become ubiquitous. These in vogue and well-liked men’s shoes are the immutable statement piece of every shoe closet for the formal to casual go-to styles. Monks are the decorated strappy delight to one’s feet and are suitable to pair with the suits and tuxedos. Boots are the bearers of bold style, well to go with ripped denim and even tux; they hold a daring dapper look. Derby is the comfortable slip in and out shoe that is well to go with your formal as well as casual look. Choose according to what it’s worth and what goes with your everyday style.

Style It Right

Style plays a yet more crucial role when dressing up formal. Formal shoes are versatile, be it a free casual look or a formal conventional style, formal shoes have your back.

For a true gentleman’s look, oxfords are best to be paired with your well-fitted suits. The oxfords feature the tied-up lace and comfortable fit. Moreover, other than matching them with suits and pants; they can be well paired up with chinos and jeans for a semi-formal cum casual look. Trade them with your classic denim and a sharp shirt for a wonderful ensemble to behold.

Monk shoes are the perfect dressy shoes for a fantastic formal appeal. Add a complex style statement to your look in this fancy footwear. A brown monk shoe will very well go with a navy blue suit; the brown will balance out the hues and give a clean and crisp put-together look. Flaunt an all-black classy style by pairing a black monk shoe with your well-fitted black slim suits or a tuxedo for an evening do.

Be it board meetings or an official party you are doomed to attend, a smart formal look is what puts you in the sophisticated grid of style. To achieve the same, it’s a must for you to escalate your shoe game right away. Get your fingers tapped on www.teakwoodleathers.com to brace up your shoe closets now.


Reasons to Invest in a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the most expensive investment one can make to his/her closet. The part and parcel of everyone’s fall wardrobe, this fashion staple is a must-have for all. Winter chills and the leather love go hand in hand. Since this expensive essential digs a big hole in your bank balance, one usually gets stumped on buying one or not.

Well to clear the air, we have culled the reasons for you to finally invest in a leather jacket this season.


The leather jacket has always been in vogue and is a cool guy affair. From celebrities like Hugh Jackman to runway designers like Alexander Mc Queen and Tom Ford, the awe-inspiring leather has always left the crowd drool over this rich textile. If you are a person with eclectic taste then the leather jackets are your thing. It adds oodles of charisma to your look and an extension to your personality.


When talking about versatility, a leather jacket sets the stage here. It looks good on every outfit with an added impact of class and luxury on you. Trade it with a classic shirt and jeans or tune it with a t-shirt and a pair of boots, this would never leave you disappointed. If you have more of formal meetings and conference events to attend, you might want to go for a blazer whereas if you are a party going freak and love casual walks on street, then the leather jackets come in handy.


A leather jacket is the most durable part of your wardrobe and is a timeless staple that can be carried along for years. The rich texture and the finely crafted details set them out amass the regular jackets available in the market. This ageless fashion treat to your winter wardrobe can stay all pristine because of its rich quality and fine built. Given, this iconic style never goes out of fashion you can carry it anytime regardless of being laid back in style or off- trends.


A leather jacket fits like a second skin. The well-tailored cuts and stitch of a premium leather jacket make in an on-the-go option for one to add to their closet. Leather jackets come in a variety of designs, from zipped and cuffed bombers to zip and hem belted biker jackets. Keep in mind which would suit you better, where often you’d like to carry it and choose accordingly. A leather jacket can be dressed up and down, it looks over-dressed or underdressed and any given point or place.


The main concern when dressing up in winters lies in wearing something that is warm and cozy. A leather jacket with its high insulating properties provides you the necessary warmth. Surely, other jackets might have the insulating features too but a leather jacket stands off the others due to its lush feel and unmissable comfort.


Slip on Shoes – The Versatile pick of the Season

Shoes are a man’s favourite and the most versatile piece of all is the slip on shoes. Loafers are the most convenient and a snazzy piece of footwear to uplift you shoe closets. If you love staying on a comfortable side of the style, then loafers are an ideal pick for you. Easy to slip in and out, this fashion treat to your feet is the best partner in crime when you love meandering in the streets all day and night. Dressing up for a formal meeting or planning to stroll the streets, the shoe is bound to keep you in comfort without compromising on your style. Loafers are a versatile piece of repertoire that can be paired for your dusk to dawn looks without being too monotonous.

With the changing fashion trends and a rapid evolution in customer preferences, loafers have come in varied styles from penny loafers to suede slip on and moccasins. The popular among them are the penny loafers that are absolutely classic and can be worn with almost anything.

Penny loafers can compliment your casual, semi-formal as well as formal looks. You need not hustle while getting late as these will hold your entire look together. Trade these with your crisp white shirt and basic denim jeans for your casual looks to slay. A navy suit will match well with these brown loafers. Swap your brogues with these penny loafers for a bolder fashion statement. Penny loafers are the most functional pair of footwear you can own as they can be paired well anytime and anywhere.

As winters hit the air, splash a right amount of color and sophistication to your looks with rich suede loafers. The lush texture and the soft feel of the suede make them a righteous pick for you when you want to stay comfortable and cozy all day and night. These loafers will match well with your navy suits as well as dark chino pants. For a reinvented casual look and to add a pop of color to your outfit, pair it with our all black ensemble.

These men’s black slip-on shoes are a sophisticated delight to your feet. The black sheen of the genuine leather is a luxury redefined. Pair it up with your tuxedos and suits and be the gaze of the evening. The textured strap adds a design element to the shoe and is more decorative than its peers. Well to go for your formal and informal parties, this shoe is recommended to be worn only when you have got a champagne to toast. Pairing it up with your casual regular basics will be a mismatch.

Remember to make a right contrast to the shoe for an outlandish winter look. These up the ante loafers are a remarkable choice for you to revamp your shoe closets this time of the year and add a modern urbane look to your books. Shop for more styles at www.teakwoodleathers.com for a worldly shoe closet for your shoes to speak louder than words.



Bags have been the wardrobe du-jour for both men and women. It hasn’t been late when even men got real finicky for bags they can carry everyday to work, travel and gym. Considering the importance of this wardrobe essential, Teakwood Leathers have envisaged a broad range of unisex leather bags that are foremost the most durable and luxurious pick of the season.

The classic sheen of the genuine leather and the ridiculous durability of the bags make them an irresistible pick for the season. Brisk walking in the morning to gym or going to a vacation, the bags have all your needs sorted.

The leather hand bags can be used for decades and is an ageless shell pick for one. From messenger bags to shoulder slings and duffel, the wide assortment of bags will leave you craving for one.

Dive in as we have segregated a few best picks for you that you’d love flaunting around


Finding a perfect leather bag can be a bit difficult as one has to look for a functional classic piece that would fit in all your documents and pricey laptops safely. Well, get up, dress up and carry this sophisticated beauty to your important meetings that is surely going to impress your colleagues around. Good enough to mark a defined impression, this genuine leather bag is a charmer of its own to carry it around in confidence.


Sling bags are the most comfortable and chic style you can carry anywhere. Hung on shoulder, the sling bags are best to carry when one has to spend the day out from dusk till dawn. This genuine leather bag is a versatile repertoire for one to carry as it is spacious as well as looks splendid. Redefine your casual looks with this bag that will add the right amount of shine and luxury to your looks.


The travel bags are a real concern when going for vacation or important business trips. Duffel bags are a right choice for you to stuff all your essentials in ease when travelling.The luxurious texture and the polished look of the bag will nail all your travel looks. The right bag can take you right places in a right attitude. Hunt no further, Teakwood Leathers have got you the best of the best.


This black leather bag hand finished skillfully is an outstanding statement piece for day and night. Carry it with your casual looks and let your winter looks fly with utter sophistication. The bag with multiple zips provides you a convenient space to carry all your necessities in place and safe.

Own the timeless possession and keep your confidence right in your hands with Teakwood Leathers luxurious work bags for men and women. An asset to the closets, the bags will uplift your looks as well as your personality adding grace and composure to it. The prime texture and the lustrous shine of the leather is up the ante and is an unmissable option to shop.



Leather jacket is one of a classic dressing that we all go drooling for when winter slips in. But what stops you from owning one this season? The price might just dig a big hole in your bank balance right? Well, let me tell you that it is an investment you must make this fall season to revamp your closets. The shine and charm it lends to your look is incomparable and a worth it spend to attain a glitzy distinguished look.

Leather jacket come in a variety and is everybody’s favourite when it comes to winter dressing. Celebrities have been seen vigorously sporting this fashion style staple, from a casual hangout scene to an airport look. Even, the internet is brimming with celebrity leather spotting and runway leather jacket styles. From dusk to dawn, this classic is a transitional piece of clothing that can transform your looks from casual to party ridden. Having doubts of what to wear or don’t have enough time to toss around the options, go for a fine leather staple and keep your looks on fleek come what may.

The graph of leather craze has been going up since years as with being a savvy piece of clothing, this one’s is an utterly functional asset we can add to our wardrobe. It provides you the right amount of warmth and is absolutely long lasting. But, it’s very necessary for one to pick the right kind for oneself and Teakwood Leathers holds an array of styles that will leave you shuffling through the options. The biker leather jacket is popular among all and is a convenient option to carry. Crop leather jacket is in trend this Autumn Winter’ 17 so, opt for one.

Apart from the basic trends of black and brown leather jackets, this timeless classic have come into bright colors including vicious red, pastel grey and white that are highly preferred by women. Evoking a lot of grace and rage, Teakwood offers a wide range of women’s and men’s leather jackets, let’s scroll through and have a look.

This finely constructed men’s brown leather jacket will lend you a sophisticated look every man would want to attain. Carry it to your cold bike rides or attend night parties with your friends, this would just compliment your look anywhere bragging a lot of attention. Pair it up with your jeans and the right kind of casual shoe would just complete the look.


This grey women leather jacket is a possession you must own. Wear it to your chilly office as it can rightly impress all colleagues and even your boss. Good to sport it formally, this jacket will smartly uplift your casual looks and even your date night drama. Style it with your slim fit jeans or a striped top for an easy going look. Cover yourself up in it with your bodycon dresses for a modish date look.

Having said that, a leather jacket is a fetching move towards rendering your awesome winter looks.


High on Fashion Leather Handbags for Women

Leather is the most luxurious and classic piece of textile sported by men and women for around years. Leather jackets, shoes, bags and even accessories, all add a bewitching taste to your closets.

Well said, a shoe can speak a lot about a man, same goes for women and handbags. A hand bag tells a lot about a woman’s persona. You are an all time classic holder or an experimental one, you wish to keep your looks simple and classic or love to over-do, all can be assayed from your handbags. There was a time when formal meetings were attended with sturdy briefcases but after the changing scenario in 90’s the stodgy briefcases are set aside and people are more into carrying spacious and versatile leather handbags.

A woman has a set apart relationship with her handbag thus choosing the right one for oneself is indispensable.

In order to simplify your pick, we have magnified some up class leather handbag options for you that are absolutely versatile, functional as well as alluring for all the bag wooers.

This bag is absolutely upbeat and a right choice for you to carry to work as well as travel. Best to fit in all your essentials, this leather messenger bag is spacious and the synthetic strap gives it a great grip to carry it in comfort. The genuine leather and the haute color of this bag make it a go -to -go option for one to gear up their fine formal look. Carry it to your important business trips or make them an everyday affair, this bag will keep your confidence and class intact.

Searching for a standard laptop bag for your everyday use? Get your hands on this uptown classic tan leather bag appropriate for one to establish a great first impression with anyone you come in contact with, be it a boss or a colleague. This fine bag will help you establish a strong professional presence among your colleagues and mentors and is functional enough to keep your laptop safe. You can conveniently yet stylishly carry it to your meetings, airport or back and forth to office.

A spacious sling bag that is soft and hand painted is a major must- have for you this season. This genuine leather bag is undoubtedly durable and sure to serve you for long years. The sling bags are the most convenient light weight carryalls to travel in ease and poise. This piece of classic sling is suitable to rock your casual looks as well as keep your formal looks on point. Carry them to your formal meet- ups or flaunt them with your street look, these are well to suit you any day and anywhere.

Embrace this craftsmanship of perfection and hold on to some functionality of the leather purses as it is a legacy that will make you rich and lend your look a fine classic appeal. Invest in these time-honored pieces this season and stand-out in the crowd with utmost sophistication.



The up class and the functional pair of footwear preferred by most men are the formal shoes. These classic pair of functional footwear can be paired up for important business meetings as well as casual day outs. The formal shoes come in a variety- oxfords, monks, boots, loafers and many more, every pair brimming with class and sophistication. So without much further adieu, let’s move on and know the right kind of men’s formal shoe you must incorporate in your wardrobe this season.


Oxfords are the most convenient and a basic style staple preferred by most men. This timeless classic is made for ones who are longing for something of a modern yet comfortable wear. The oxfords come in shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the shoe making it suitable for both formal and casual wear. They look the best when paired with a tuxedo and even looks appealing with jeans and slim-fit pants. Level up your class with these pair of conventional shoes that gives you a sleek and a sophisticated look dynamically suiting you in all occasions.


Monk straps are very much similar to oxfords and probably more fashionable than them for that matter. The monk strap shoes are covered with a leash of leather held by a buckle which provides more protection to your feet than the sandals any day. This voguish pair of footwear is versatile and adds panache to the outfits. The stitch and the intricate details of this shoe differentiates it from the others as being more fashionable. The genuine leather shine of the shoe looks charismatic and is surely an add-on to your wardrobe to let you shine in the crowd. Brag all the attention to your foot as this pair of classic shoe is too good to be left unnoticed.


This classy pair of shoe sets apart the usual look of a generic boot. This easy to slip on and off footwear has a neat shape and looks extremely clean and tidy. Often said, that the boots are preferred to be paired with jeans and not with a suit is long gone now. Go for a Chelsea Boot as it sets an upward lift to your jeans as well as lends an edge to your traditional looks when paired with a well tailored suit. Imparting justice to both your casual as well as party bomber looks, this shoe is a must have for the upcoming season.


Slip-ons are the most comfortable and standard pair of shoes that a man can own. Be it a casual day out, formal meetings or party scenes, this pair of shoe will keep your foot in the comfort zone even in the most tiresome days. A tassel slip-on is trending nowadays and is a winning choice when paired with chinos or blazers. For ones who don’t want to invest a lot in their footwear, this loafer is the best to choose.

Formal shoes are indeed the most essential possession that a man can own. A bad shoe on a well dressed man can just ruin the whole look so choose it wisely as a shoe expresses your personal style and mannerism. A crafted pair of shoe has the power to elate your complete look thus doing justice to your dressier ensemble. There’s no place to skimp on its quality so, if you are on your feet a lot during the day then the combination of quality and comfort is a must.



Leather jacket is the coolest and sexiest style staple of the fall season. With winters drawing in, it’s time to update your wardrobe with this rakish piece of clothing which is absolutely classic as well as versatile. The leather jackets come in a diverse range in myriad styles where the biker leather jackets being the hottest are most preferred by men and even women. Some stay on the rough and tough biker side while the others are mostly conventional. These are comfortable enough for you to sport in your casual hangouts, adventurous trips, party scenes as well as date nights. Some women like to sport it on a masculine side while some prefer going for a feminine look. Here, we are unveiling some of the stunning leather jackets which are well- suited for both men and women to sort their fall wardrobe.

Brown is the colour of the season and this jacket is a stunner. The texture of this jacket speaks aloud of the class and sophistication it lends to you and your personality. This is a perfect choice to pull off an urban look. The cut and style of this jacket makes it a must-have to wrap yourself up in the freezing weather. It will hug your body just right thus keeping you in the comfort zone. This motorcycle jacket straddles the boundary of a high-end statement piece with its defined zipper and mock collar design.

This black dapper jacket is sure shot a standout and is an essential pick for you if you would like to achieve the sophisticated look. The cuts and the style of this jacket are youthful as well as preppy. A black jacket is the style staple of every season and this is an upbeat add on to your wardrobe. This jacket will compliment your look for a casual day as well as for a club scene, a road trip or a date night. The polished genuine leather lends it a rich feel and looks utterly ravishing.

As impressive as it looks on a man, the leather jackets give a striking look to a woman as well.

This smashing grey jacket is an uptown grab for the upcoming fall season. Pair it up with a metallic dress and your favourite fall boots for an ultimate look you sure want to repeat. This jacket will anytime add a glam glint to your look and we are sure you would not want to let it go. Put on your high heels and a shade for a city going look. The subtle shade of this jacket is a perfect go to go option for you anytime and anywhere.

This shiny solid leather jacket is unquestionably stunning and will look adorable no matter what you wear it with. This jacket is versatile enough to pull off on any event whatsoever.It will go with your denims as well as your slim fit pants. A pair of heels will redefine your look completely if you’d like to tune it up with a dress.

Well, there is no turning down the fact that a leather jackets are facile enough to suit well in accordance to a man or woman’s personal style. This popular fashion staple is a timeless asset to your closet you should blindly invest in.


3 Leather Accessories Every Man Should Own

Having trendy and fashionable clothes is not enough to create an impactful and impressive style. We all are well-versed with the importance of accessories in complementing and enhancing one’s style, however, it is also quite tricky to master in wearing your accessories in the best way. The first and most important thing to determine your success of wearing right accessories is the possession of the key statement products that suits your style.

If you have just started to invest in your new set of accessories, you should focus on the key accessories that are just not fashionable but functional and durable as well. Here, we are revealing some basic yet essential leather accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Leather Reversible Belts

Ideally paired with jeans, the distressed leather belt is an essential accessory that every man should have in his wardrobe. It is undoubtedly a functional item to keep the trousers on but it can be a fashionable accessory as well if we can wear it right. Like wallets, you can have a lot of choices when buying leather belts for men. However, nothing can beat the grace and style of a reversible leather belt as a staple in your wardrobe. A genuine leather material is a sign of expensiveness; however the reversible belt gives you two choices of colors which you can change for different styles and looks.

Leather Zipper Wallets

Zip it up to keep your pocket safe and secure! As monsoon weather is here and what is the best way to keep your pocket essentials safe from moisture than these zipper wallets for men. These kinds of wallets are one of the best ways to keep water and moisture at bay. If you are the one who love flaunting your leather pocket in budget-friendly way, these designer zipper wallets are something you can’t skip. They are symbol of a rich and luxurious lifestyle. So if there is one bandwagon worth jumping on, this is it. Go and buy one for yourself!

Classic Watches

Watches are the best accessory that simply accentuates a man’s overall style, so if you are not a big fan of watches, it is time now you should think of investing in watches with leather straps. If you look back at the history of watches, you would come to know that when the trend of watches came in, leather strapped watches were the first style that grabbed many eye-balls. Make an impact now!


Already planning to add some classic leather stuff to your wardrobe? Well if this is on your mind; make sure you pick the best leather products from the best online store. What is your take on the leather accessories that we have mentioned in this blog? Do share your thoughts with us.


Best Duffle Bags for Weekend Trips

There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing luggage bags for business travel or for weekend trips. A lot of business travellers choose a rolling carry-on bag as it offers easy mobility through the airport, however, some travellers believe that a duffel bag allows them to pack efficiently, move quickly, and maintain a professional appearance throughout their trip. Nevertheless, the duffel bags are designed for short-term travel like short business trips and weekend trips, and if you are planning for your next trip, ensure you are having a good range of duffle bags.

Duffel Bags for Business Trips

Duffel bags are perfect for business travellers as they maintain a professional appearance with a design that resemble a briefcase. If you are heading directly from the airport to make a presentation, a duffel allows you to quickly walk into the conference room and get to work without any hassle. So, if you are planning to choose a duffel bag for your next business travel, think professional and consider this dark-colored, high-quality leather duffel bag which is ideal for taking directly into meetings and conferences. It is easy to carry and offer you class and elegance.

Duffle Bags for Weekend Getaway

If you are looking for the best duffel bag for weekend or light travels then look no further as this genuine leather duffel bag is surely the best duffel bag in the market right now. Unlike other duffel bags, this bag has a framed zipper which allows maximum face opening. Above all, it is made from full-grain Italian calfskin leather with canvas lining. Its calfskin leather has deep color tones and the bag will become more stunning as it ages. Its vegetable-based tanning brings out the rich red and brown tones while the semi-gloss finish makes it stain-free.

It also has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with comfortable carry handles that offers comfort and ease while you carry. The bag meets carry-on standards for most domestic carriers, but it may be slightly large for international and strict carriers. You can squash this flexible bag slightly to fit a bag checker at the counter. Therefore, make sure to grab this bag when you are on a relaxing weekend vacation.

Wrapping Up

Time to wrap up guys! We have included the best duffle bags out there so pick them up and have safe travels, whether business trips or vacation. If you have any other personal favorites, or want to explore the entire range of genuine leather duffle bags, click on the link https://goo.gl/ETqSkU and shop your style.