Slip on Shoes – The Versatile pick of the Season

Shoes are a man’s favourite and the most versatile piece of all is the slip on shoes. Loafers are the most convenient and a snazzy piece of footwear to uplift you shoe closets. If you love staying on a comfortable side of the style, then loafers are an ideal pick for you. Easy to slip in and out, this fashion treat to your feet is the best partner in crime when you love meandering in the streets all day and night. Dressing up for a formal meeting or planning to stroll the streets, the shoe is bound to keep you in comfort without compromising on your style. Loafers are a versatile piece of repertoire that can be paired for your dusk to dawn looks without being too monotonous.

With the changing fashion trends and a rapid evolution in customer preferences, loafers have come in varied styles from penny loafers to suede slip on and moccasins. The popular among them are the penny loafers that are absolutely classic and can be worn with almost anything.

Penny loafers can compliment your casual, semi-formal as well as formal looks. You need not hustle while getting late as these will hold your entire look together. Trade these with your crisp white shirt and basic denim jeans for your casual looks to slay. A navy suit will match well with these brown loafers. Swap your brogues with these penny loafers for a bolder fashion statement. Penny loafers are the most functional pair of footwear you can own as they can be paired well anytime and anywhere.

As winters hit the air, splash a right amount of color and sophistication to your looks with rich suede loafers. The lush texture and the soft feel of the suede make them a righteous pick for you when you want to stay comfortable and cozy all day and night. These loafers will match well with your navy suits as well as dark chino pants. For a reinvented casual look and to add a pop of color to your outfit, pair it with our all black ensemble.

These men’s black slip-on shoes are a sophisticated delight to your feet. The black sheen of the genuine leather is a luxury redefined. Pair it up with your tuxedos and suits and be the gaze of the evening. The textured strap adds a design element to the shoe and is more decorative than its peers. Well to go for your formal and informal parties, this shoe is recommended to be worn only when you have got a champagne to toast. Pairing it up with your casual regular basics will be a mismatch.

Remember to make a right contrast to the shoe for an outlandish winter look. These up the ante loafers are a remarkable choice for you to revamp your shoe closets this time of the year and add a modern urbane look to your books. Shop for more styles at www.teakwoodleathers.com for a worldly shoe closet for your shoes to speak louder than words.



The up class and the functional pair of footwear preferred by most men are the formal shoes. These classic pair of functional footwear can be paired up for important business meetings as well as casual day outs. The formal shoes come in a variety- oxfords, monks, boots, loafers and many more, every pair brimming with class and sophistication. So without much further adieu, let’s move on and know the right kind of men’s formal shoe you must incorporate in your wardrobe this season.


Oxfords are the most convenient and a basic style staple preferred by most men. This timeless classic is made for ones who are longing for something of a modern yet comfortable wear. The oxfords come in shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the shoe making it suitable for both formal and casual wear. They look the best when paired with a tuxedo and even looks appealing with jeans and slim-fit pants. Level up your class with these pair of conventional shoes that gives you a sleek and a sophisticated look dynamically suiting you in all occasions.


Monk straps are very much similar to oxfords and probably more fashionable than them for that matter. The monk strap shoes are covered with a leash of leather held by a buckle which provides more protection to your feet than the sandals any day. This voguish pair of footwear is versatile and adds panache to the outfits. The stitch and the intricate details of this shoe differentiates it from the others as being more fashionable. The genuine leather shine of the shoe looks charismatic and is surely an add-on to your wardrobe to let you shine in the crowd. Brag all the attention to your foot as this pair of classic shoe is too good to be left unnoticed.


This classy pair of shoe sets apart the usual look of a generic boot. This easy to slip on and off footwear has a neat shape and looks extremely clean and tidy. Often said, that the boots are preferred to be paired with jeans and not with a suit is long gone now. Go for a Chelsea Boot as it sets an upward lift to your jeans as well as lends an edge to your traditional looks when paired with a well tailored suit. Imparting justice to both your casual as well as party bomber looks, this shoe is a must have for the upcoming season.


Slip-ons are the most comfortable and standard pair of shoes that a man can own. Be it a casual day out, formal meetings or party scenes, this pair of shoe will keep your foot in the comfort zone even in the most tiresome days. A tassel slip-on is trending nowadays and is a winning choice when paired with chinos or blazers. For ones who don’t want to invest a lot in their footwear, this loafer is the best to choose.

Formal shoes are indeed the most essential possession that a man can own. A bad shoe on a well dressed man can just ruin the whole look so choose it wisely as a shoe expresses your personal style and mannerism. A crafted pair of shoe has the power to elate your complete look thus doing justice to your dressier ensemble. There’s no place to skimp on its quality so, if you are on your feet a lot during the day then the combination of quality and comfort is a must.


All About Leather Luxe

With so many options out there in leather, getting spoilt for choice is just so easy. It can be incredibly baffling when you have to select the best design that meets your purpose. Right from the laptop bags to leather shoes, everything should be in place when you are getting ready to astonish your associates with your luxurious and classic style. Gone are the days when buying genuine leather products was hard nut to crack, thanks to the online sites offering leather everyday essentials for men.

It’s not just the classic laptop bags for men genre that is swelling up, rather, the entire range of men’s bags is hot with different options. In this blog, we have laid out the most basic yet essential leather everyday accessories that every man should own to lead like a leader.

Leather Laptop Bags

These days, leather bags are the most functional accessory to men’s closet as they carry your daily necessities and keep your valuables safe and secure. More importantly, the right bag can fill the gap you might observe while leaving for work. Finding the right laptop bag is harder than it seems, however, we offer high quality, durable and easy-to-carry leather laptop bags. You can always read and find the best leather product that can accentuate your style without compromising on the style and comfort. A wide range of sturdy and tough bags are available in different elegant colors and subtle designs. These bags are designed to meet your requirements and a detachable strap makes it more versatile.

Leather Wallets

You might be given to thinking that leather wallets are of much importance when it comes to investing in leather business essentials Not really! It is, in fact, the most convenient and essential accessory on family outings, business trips or long vacations is leather wallets since they keep your credit cards and money safe and in place. However, a lot of men don’t pay much importance and attention towards the design and pattern of the men’s leather wallets. This leather wallet is made of genuine leather, which adds a class to your overall personality.

Leather Formal Shoes

The classic shoes for men is something that can’t be ignored. Whether it’s a business meeting or any official meeting, these formal shoes for men are quite a style statement. When embellished with tasseled, these brogue shoes are perfect for work wear. Wear them to work or to brunches, they are worth wearing and a great investment to make.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, we have decoded the most basic business essentials for men who want to look exceptionally classy and elegant at work. So, choose your style from our latest and classic collection of leather products and flaunt the luxury of genuine leather at your workplace. Before placing an order, make sure that you rely on genuine products only when you purchase leather products online.

Keep an eye for more tips and trends coming your way!


3 Must-Haves For Leather Weather!!

Some people call it winter, we call it leather weather. If you’re a leather fanatic you’ve been waiting for winters to come so that you can pull out your leather jackets, shoes, belts and wallets to flaunt your leather luxe. Neither, your leather jackets would be able to accompany you everywhere, nor would your belts. However, your shoes are something that would go where ever you go. Right from office to night outs, there’s not one place where these prized possessions of yours wouldn’t make you proud. Anyone who is a leather connoisseur knows that the feeling of wearing leather shoes is unparalleled. If you’re a beginner, here is a list of formal leather shoes you should invest in.

The Classic – Leather Shoes
They’re different kinds of classics- the ones with laces, ones you can simply slip on, ones without laces and many more. As per your choice and convenience, you can purchase any that you are most comfortable with. Wear them to work or to brunches or make them your everyday staples, they’re worth wearing and a great investment to make.

The Robust –Leather Boots
Not enough can be said in the praise of the man who made leather boots. They’re beasts of shoes. The style, the finesse, and the royal quality- they’re unbeatable not just by simple shoes, but also by other kinds of leather shoes. If you have to invest in just one pair, make sure it has to be men’s leather boots. The versatility in terms of where you can wear them and with what, is just an added bonus.

The Dressy- Leather Formal Shoes
Who says moccasins are just for women? Right from weddings to a trip with the guys, these shoes will serve you well for every upscale formal occasion. The intricate work done on high quality genuine leather shoes makes them one of a kind, fit only for high profile events. They’re not meant for casual wear since the work done on dressy shoes makes them stand out. It might be too corny to wear these on casual outings, so save these exquisite shoes for special occasions only.

If you’re buying leather shoes online make sure you purchase from a credible website. These leather shoes can be quite an investment and you don’t want to be wasting that kind of money unless you are purchasing genuine leather shoes. The fake ones don’t last for long and are simply incomparable to the luxury and quality real leather shoes offer.