Reasons to Invest in a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the most expensive investment one can make to his/her closet. The part and parcel of everyone’s fall wardrobe, this fashion staple is a must-have for all. Winter chills and the leather love go hand in hand. Since this expensive essential digs a big hole in your bank balance, one usually gets stumped on buying one or not.

Well to clear the air, we have culled the reasons for you to finally invest in a leather jacket this season.


The leather jacket has always been in vogue and is a cool guy affair. From celebrities like Hugh Jackman to runway designers like Alexander Mc Queen and Tom Ford, the awe-inspiring leather has always left the crowd drool over this rich textile. If you are a person with eclectic taste then the leather jackets are your thing. It adds oodles of charisma to your look and an extension to your personality.


When talking about versatility, a leather jacket sets the stage here. It looks good on every outfit with an added impact of class and luxury on you. Trade it with a classic shirt and jeans or tune it with a t-shirt and a pair of boots, this would never leave you disappointed. If you have more of formal meetings and conference events to attend, you might want to go for a blazer whereas if you are a party going freak and love casual walks on street, then the leather jackets come in handy.


A leather jacket is the most durable part of your wardrobe and is a timeless staple that can be carried along for years. The rich texture and the finely crafted details set them out amass the regular jackets available in the market. This ageless fashion treat to your winter wardrobe can stay all pristine because of its rich quality and fine built. Given, this iconic style never goes out of fashion you can carry it anytime regardless of being laid back in style or off- trends.


A leather jacket fits like a second skin. The well-tailored cuts and stitch of a premium leather jacket make in an on-the-go option for one to add to their closet. Leather jackets come in a variety of designs, from zipped and cuffed bombers to zip and hem belted biker jackets. Keep in mind which would suit you better, where often you’d like to carry it and choose accordingly. A leather jacket can be dressed up and down, it looks over-dressed or underdressed and any given point or place.


The main concern when dressing up in winters lies in wearing something that is warm and cozy. A leather jacket with its high insulating properties provides you the necessary warmth. Surely, other jackets might have the insulating features too but a leather jacket stands off the others due to its lush feel and unmissable comfort.



Leather jacket is one of a classic dressing that we all go drooling for when winter slips in. But what stops you from owning one this season? The price might just dig a big hole in your bank balance right? Well, let me tell you that it is an investment you must make this fall season to revamp your closets. The shine and charm it lends to your look is incomparable and a worth it spend to attain a glitzy distinguished look.

Leather jacket come in a variety and is everybody’s favourite when it comes to winter dressing. Celebrities have been seen vigorously sporting this fashion style staple, from a casual hangout scene to an airport look. Even, the internet is brimming with celebrity leather spotting and runway leather jacket styles. From dusk to dawn, this classic is a transitional piece of clothing that can transform your looks from casual to party ridden. Having doubts of what to wear or don’t have enough time to toss around the options, go for a fine leather staple and keep your looks on fleek come what may.

The graph of leather craze has been going up since years as with being a savvy piece of clothing, this one’s is an utterly functional asset we can add to our wardrobe. It provides you the right amount of warmth and is absolutely long lasting. But, it’s very necessary for one to pick the right kind for oneself and Teakwood Leathers holds an array of styles that will leave you shuffling through the options. The biker leather jacket is popular among all and is a convenient option to carry. Crop leather jacket is in trend this Autumn Winter’ 17 so, opt for one.

Apart from the basic trends of black and brown leather jackets, this timeless classic have come into bright colors including vicious red, pastel grey and white that are highly preferred by women. Evoking a lot of grace and rage, Teakwood offers a wide range of women’s and men’s leather jackets, let’s scroll through and have a look.

This finely constructed men’s brown leather jacket will lend you a sophisticated look every man would want to attain. Carry it to your cold bike rides or attend night parties with your friends, this would just compliment your look anywhere bragging a lot of attention. Pair it up with your jeans and the right kind of casual shoe would just complete the look.


This grey women leather jacket is a possession you must own. Wear it to your chilly office as it can rightly impress all colleagues and even your boss. Good to sport it formally, this jacket will smartly uplift your casual looks and even your date night drama. Style it with your slim fit jeans or a striped top for an easy going look. Cover yourself up in it with your bodycon dresses for a modish date look.

Having said that, a leather jacket is a fetching move towards rendering your awesome winter looks.



Leather jacket is the coolest and sexiest style staple of the fall season. With winters drawing in, it’s time to update your wardrobe with this rakish piece of clothing which is absolutely classic as well as versatile. The leather jackets come in a diverse range in myriad styles where the biker leather jackets being the hottest are most preferred by men and even women. Some stay on the rough and tough biker side while the others are mostly conventional. These are comfortable enough for you to sport in your casual hangouts, adventurous trips, party scenes as well as date nights. Some women like to sport it on a masculine side while some prefer going for a feminine look. Here, we are unveiling some of the stunning leather jackets which are well- suited for both men and women to sort their fall wardrobe.

Brown is the colour of the season and this jacket is a stunner. The texture of this jacket speaks aloud of the class and sophistication it lends to you and your personality. This is a perfect choice to pull off an urban look. The cut and style of this jacket makes it a must-have to wrap yourself up in the freezing weather. It will hug your body just right thus keeping you in the comfort zone. This motorcycle jacket straddles the boundary of a high-end statement piece with its defined zipper and mock collar design.

This black dapper jacket is sure shot a standout and is an essential pick for you if you would like to achieve the sophisticated look. The cuts and the style of this jacket are youthful as well as preppy. A black jacket is the style staple of every season and this is an upbeat add on to your wardrobe. This jacket will compliment your look for a casual day as well as for a club scene, a road trip or a date night. The polished genuine leather lends it a rich feel and looks utterly ravishing.

As impressive as it looks on a man, the leather jackets give a striking look to a woman as well.

This smashing grey jacket is an uptown grab for the upcoming fall season. Pair it up with a metallic dress and your favourite fall boots for an ultimate look you sure want to repeat. This jacket will anytime add a glam glint to your look and we are sure you would not want to let it go. Put on your high heels and a shade for a city going look. The subtle shade of this jacket is a perfect go to go option for you anytime and anywhere.

This shiny solid leather jacket is unquestionably stunning and will look adorable no matter what you wear it with. This jacket is versatile enough to pull off on any event whatsoever.It will go with your denims as well as your slim fit pants. A pair of heels will redefine your look completely if you’d like to tune it up with a dress.

Well, there is no turning down the fact that a leather jackets are facile enough to suit well in accordance to a man or woman’s personal style. This popular fashion staple is a timeless asset to your closet you should blindly invest in.


How to Pull off Leather Jackets at Every Occasion!!

Genuine Leather Jackets

From the rebel soul’s staple to a sophisticated item of power clothing- the leather jacket has gone through a metamorphosis. It is no longer exclusive to men, bikers or metal heads.  They have been accepted in all their glory by everyone today, so much so that some people even wear them to work. Today,  Leather jackets are worn over crisp shirts with ties. Leather jackets for men have become adaptable- you can wear them anywhere from parties to work. Underneath tee shirts or over sweaters. Here are a few ways you can mix and match your favorite biker jacket to become an appropriate ensemble for any occasion!

1. Sunday Brunch
Brunches are a great time to wear color. So if you have a tan blue jacket or a black jacket- this is your perfect chance to sport them. Wear them with a classic v-neck tee shirt underneath and gel your hair up. You can finish the look with a good pair of leather loafers.

2. Date Night
Wearing a leather jacket on a date night is an inadvertent way of owning your cool and casual personality. Don’t go overboard with the look though. The jacket in itself exudes enough attitude, confidence and sex appeal. Be simple, be subtle.

3.  Boys Night Out
Leather jackets are to boys night out what gowns are receptions. They’re their official ensemble. Nothing says manly like a man on a bike and a leather jacket over his shoulders. It strikes the balance between classic and edgy- rough and gentlemanly.

4. Office
It isn’t all that difficult to wear a leather jacket at work. Wear a formal white shirt, a tie and instead of a blazer put on a biker jacket. Wear your usual formal shoes and gel your hair at the back for a subtle, professional look.

Leather jackets are the major reason any rebel looks forward to winter. They’re bold without being too loud, they’re sophisticated and they’re chic.  And most importantly, they’re unapologetic. With the above tips, you can wear your favorite genuine leather jackets to any occasion.