Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

They say a man is known by the shoes he wears. If our shoes do most of the talking, we ought to take care of them. This is specially a point to remember when it comes to men’s smart leather shoes. Also, it’s more like a challenge during monsoon, when there’s moisture and humidity in the air. Although it is tough and durable, it needs love and care to last long. Following are certain points to remember if you wish to go a long way with those classic men’s black leather shoes:

1. Keep them dry!

Now that may come as a surprise. Perhaps you bought those leather oxfords just because leather is supposed to be waterproof. Apparently it is! It resists water from seeping through. But water is harmful for leather to sustain for long and it gradually deteriorates its quality. Try and dry your leather shoes as soon as you get out of the waters. Put lumps of newspapers inside to accelerate the drying process.

2. Let no heat beat it

In order to do a quick-fix for your drenched black leather shoes, don’t think of blow drying it or putting it in the sunlight. As it leads to fading of the color. Also quick drying those leather shoes makes leather shrink and crack. You wouldn’t want that. Would you? So even if it takes relatively long to naturally dry it, let it.

3. Avoid boxing

After all leather’s a skin. Right? It needs to breathe. Always keeping it boxed and packed, don’t let much of this breathing to happen. You might think you’re taking care by wrapping it all up. But you’re not! So try and put those men’s smart leather shoes in open or a spacious shoe rack.

4. Condition it

Like our skin needs moisture, leather does so too.It tends to lose its lustre and natural oils with time. Invest in a good leather conditioner and use it for men’s smart leather shoes, once a week. This will help the leather to retain its properties for longer period of time.



Shoes define who you are. They are a part of your persona. They are also the first thing someone notices when they meet you for the first time. And you cannot compromise on the first impression!Good shoes are destined to take you good places. And when it comes to shoes, nothing beats leather. Leather has always been a classic and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the future either. It instantly adds class to you look and increases you style quotient. If a man has to name one absolute staple in his wardrobe, it has to be his leather shoes.

The classic work wear

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Black is a color that will always work at your office. Regardless of where you work, black is a color you will always see around. But only leather will make a statement. These formal work wear will make you stand out from the rest and instantly give you more confidence. You might as well make them your special interview shoes and you’d never get nervous.

The chic monk shoes

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Are you someone who isn’t a fan of classic? Well, experimenting a bit from time to time is also great and that’s why these shoes will be great for you! A lot of you want something different on the plate every time and we won’t disappoint you. With a wide variety and various different styles, Teakwood will help you look your best. These tan shoes with two buckles and details in the front section and back are definitely going to catch everyone’s eye. They are uniquely designed to give you maximum comfort with maximum style!

The causal-formal affair

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We understand how formal shoes isn’t every man’s cup of tea. But what do you do when the occasion calls for it? You got to put on those formal shoes, right? The semi-formal shoes from Teakwood feel just like your casual shoe but the leather gives it a formal vibe. They are perfect for a man who likes to stay comfortable and enjoys dressing down for occasions instead of going all out there.

The formal boot

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Boots are just as formal as any other pair of shoes. You can pair them with your casual jeans or pants and they will always looks stylish. Boots are one pair of shoes that will never fail you. They are one of the most versatile pair of shoes. If you’re someone who does not like owning a lot of shoes and prefer saving rather spending then boots are going to be your perfect investment.

Shoes are an essential and we cannot compromise with them.And there should always be some space in your shoe closet for leather shoes. They are comfortable, young and never go out of fashion. Shop genuine and the best leather shoes now at www.teakwoodleathers.com


3 Must-Haves For Leather Weather!!

Some people call it winter, we call it leather weather. If you’re a leather fanatic you’ve been waiting for winters to come so that you can pull out your leather jackets, shoes, belts and wallets to flaunt your leather luxe. Neither, your leather jackets would be able to accompany you everywhere, nor would your belts. However, your shoes are something that would go where ever you go. Right from office to night outs, there’s not one place where these prized possessions of yours wouldn’t make you proud. Anyone who is a leather connoisseur knows that the feeling of wearing leather shoes is unparalleled. If you’re a beginner, here is a list of formal leather shoes you should invest in.

The Classic – Leather Shoes
They’re different kinds of classics- the ones with laces, ones you can simply slip on, ones without laces and many more. As per your choice and convenience, you can purchase any that you are most comfortable with. Wear them to work or to brunches or make them your everyday staples, they’re worth wearing and a great investment to make.

The Robust –Leather Boots
Not enough can be said in the praise of the man who made leather boots. They’re beasts of shoes. The style, the finesse, and the royal quality- they’re unbeatable not just by simple shoes, but also by other kinds of leather shoes. If you have to invest in just one pair, make sure it has to be men’s leather boots. The versatility in terms of where you can wear them and with what, is just an added bonus.

The Dressy- Leather Formal Shoes
Who says moccasins are just for women? Right from weddings to a trip with the guys, these shoes will serve you well for every upscale formal occasion. The intricate work done on high quality genuine leather shoes makes them one of a kind, fit only for high profile events. They’re not meant for casual wear since the work done on dressy shoes makes them stand out. It might be too corny to wear these on casual outings, so save these exquisite shoes for special occasions only.

If you’re buying leather shoes online make sure you purchase from a credible website. These leather shoes can be quite an investment and you don’t want to be wasting that kind of money unless you are purchasing genuine leather shoes. The fake ones don’t last for long and are simply incomparable to the luxury and quality real leather shoes offer.