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Shoes define who you are. They are a part of your persona. They are also the first thing someone notices when they meet you for the first time. And you cannot compromise on the first impression!Good shoes are destined to take you good places. And when it comes to shoes, nothing beats leather. Leather has always been a classic and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the future either. It instantly adds class to you look and increases you style quotient. If a man has to name one absolute staple in his wardrobe, it has to be his leather shoes.

The classic work wear

best leather shoes

Black is a color that will always work at your office. Regardless of where you work, black is a color you will always see around. But only leather will make a statement. These formal work wear will make you stand out from the rest and instantly give you more confidence. You might as well make them your special interview shoes and you’d never get nervous.

The chic monk shoes

best leather shoes

Are you someone who isn’t a fan of classic? Well, experimenting a bit from time to time is also great and that’s why these shoes will be great for you! A lot of you want something different on the plate every time and we won’t disappoint you. With a wide variety and various different styles, Teakwood will help you look your best. These tan shoes with two buckles and details in the front section and back are definitely going to catch everyone’s eye. They are uniquely designed to give you maximum comfort with maximum style!

The causal-formal affair

best leather shoes

We understand how formal shoes isn’t every man’s cup of tea. But what do you do when the occasion calls for it? You got to put on those formal shoes, right? The semi-formal shoes from Teakwood feel just like your casual shoe but the leather gives it a formal vibe. They are perfect for a man who likes to stay comfortable and enjoys dressing down for occasions instead of going all out there.

The formal boot

best leather shoes

Boots are just as formal as any other pair of shoes. You can pair them with your casual jeans or pants and they will always looks stylish. Boots are one pair of shoes that will never fail you. They are one of the most versatile pair of shoes. If you’re someone who does not like owning a lot of shoes and prefer saving rather spending then boots are going to be your perfect investment.

Shoes are an essential and we cannot compromise with them.And there should always be some space in your shoe closet for leather shoes. They are comfortable, young and never go out of fashion. Shop genuine and the best leather shoes now at

best leather shoes 4


It’s like the very next day when you wake up, dress up and go to college or at your workplace.

But with that outfit, don’t forget your bag.

Yes that’s the beauty of every outfit. Accessorizing is damn important, and especially done with leather, oh my god! It’s just like cherry on top!
You’re not just picking out some bag. You’re also picking out your next business partner. So choose it wisely.One great online store I know is the .

Dressed up and dapper look with leather material; you’ll look best and brightest. These bags feature timeless ideas met with modern designs that make them dependable essentials for the man on the move.

Did you know from portfolios to coffee breaks, it’ll be there at the heart of it all. Their leather laptop bags, and leather messenger bags are made to stand the test of time whilst welcoming the future

You better check out the very best leather bags for men.

Well what we know is there is a lot that can be found in a man’s bag.

Depending on the situation some basics are here as follows-1. If not in the pocket, it’s in the bag.

The wallet I must say! It’s like the basic necessity and it’s definitely there in the bag, and if not the wallet, I’m sure the money is spilled in the interior pockets or say in the side pockets with coins. This is like every guy’s habit.

2. The perfume/deodorant. Ha! It’s like another necessary item. Well maximum men are sporty and hence sweaty. Thus, deodorant or perfume is a must in their bag.

The Teakwood messenger bag may have been crafted with old world techniques, but it is designed for the modern day professional to be their hyper-organized office-on-the-go, or even college.3. Earphones/Headphones – Well well well, this is also a basic –go find it in my bag thing. Earphones or headphones play a vital role while one travels, and of course the leather messenger bag ought to have cool stuff if you’re taking it out on the ground.

4. Laptop in my messenger- This is the most important product or say something that is very much carried by the guys and college-office people whenever they go out.

Well that’s not all, there are notepads, gaming mouse, technical stuff and what not. And do you realize this all fits in just 1 bag. Yes! A leather bag has the capability to fit all these items in one bag and is even water resistant.

So I will suggest all you people out there that if you’re going for purchasing leather messenger bags or anything spacious for your basic necessary items, go shop at and fill your cart with happiness!

best leather shoes 4

MEN’S SHOE GUIDE- an ultimate way to flaunt

You know it’s a saying, that a man is judged by his shoes. Well, that’s true. And there’s no harm to look good in a proper way.

So here is some piece of knowledge in a stylish way to look at and manage your show closet by online or offline purchases!

To begin with remember having a great pair of dress shoes in your closet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s a fact that even men who default to casual shoes and sneakers will eventually need to suit-up. Occasion calls for it!



 Well rightly said, here is something you need to know. If you are someone who is image-conscious, Also has an eye for details and you make sure that everything is in-place then let me tell you, your wardrobe needs few additional pairs.

1. THE FORMAL NOTICE- Formal Leather shoes are also called ‘’dress shoes’’ which are often wore at office, conferences, weddings and other formal pristine occasions. Widely known as “OXFORDS”, these shoes have cap-toe and closed-lacing. You can easily buy these formal leather shoes online for men on . You can find these in colours like black, brown, tan and burgundy. I’ll suggest you to go for black at the start and then move to any other colour as per your outfit. 2. SEMI-FORMAL OR SEMI-CASUAL- So here is some piece of knowledge in a stylish way to look at and manage your show closet by online or offline purchases!
The other essential shoe-type is “semi-formal or semi-casual”, however you would want to address these shoes. But what’s important is, it’s to have them in your wardrobe. These shoes are majorly worn on a casual-weekday at office or say maybe a fun-date or a dinner with friends, or while you hang out in some cornier exploring the unusual.

There are pretty much different from core formal shoes like oxfords etc. They are unique in their shape and fabric, these shoes are often slip-ons (without laces). Also, one of it types is Loafers, when made of rich-leather and having a tassel, are a good replacement to your oxfords to add style your formal-look.
ha! That’s so easy! And also unique! Who wouldn’t want it? And let me tell you leather shoes are an investment, it surely is costly but worth the product. You can swing and flaunt your feet like the way you want!

Things you must do – Polish often or at least keep it clean. Take care of the shape and fabric. Go sockless or team up with coloured/ patterned socks matching your attire.

best leather shoes 4


Before we start to talk, how many of you like to purchase leather bags? If you already have one, you made the right choice and if you haven’t till date, you are losing on something big!
Bags come in all shapes and sizes but the question is how do you know which bag is right for you?
In this blog of ‘What’s in that messenger bag’ I would tell you the benefits of one kind of leather bag that is firstly unisex and definitely a style statement.
People generally ask- Is a backpack or a messenger right for you? Well I say, It depends.Let’s talk about the general rule – there is a general rule that backpacks are to be seen as a bit more casual. Also, they are more often used in more utilitarian occasions.
Whereas messenger bags tend to be associated with briefcases or laptop bags but with an essence of style and therefore are seen as a bit more formal. Leather messenger bags and are usually used in professional situations. (also casual if doing out for a casual trip with friends)Wait, there is another general rule which states that –The messenger bags are looked as being a bit more style forward.
And why not, they are sauve, smart and a rough yet elegant look with leather finishing is cherry on top. However, there are several more styles of backpacks today that aren’t your typical school backpack with that book bag look, but messenger bags steal the thunder of all of them. This bag contributes in the Leather essentials. So make sure you have one! And to get the best on- you can feel free and click here- and get one of your choice and colour and feel happy about it.Leather is surely a durable material. If you are in college, then you could kind of go either way. If you are carrying a lot of books, maybe you still want the functionality of a backpack and not messenger bag. And if you want to look a bit more stylish and are carrying less, go for the messenger bag. Because this is what will make you look different yet the bag will not just speak style, but will function as well.As I mentioned above, You’ll also want to consider the material of the bag. So, undoubtedly go for leather! A leather messenger bag or a heavy canvas messenger or backpack are going to last you a long time. This is an item worth investing in!
you still reading here? Well I suggest go shop at and explore the deals. You might just get lucky!


best leather shoes 4


Hmm! The title smells like the real leather as well!
I want to tell you, that if you have never worn a pair of leather shoes, you’re surely missing out on something huge!
Be it for work or any other matter, Leather shoes for men in their wardrobe is necessary!
Did you know, once you get addicted to this leather material, it’ll get on your nerves.
Leather shoes are quite popular amongst those people with active jobs, or people who need shoes that will give their feet extra comfort and protection.
Also, you might think leather is a little pricy. Well, yes it is but it’s surely an investment and not just burning a hole in your pocket.
Also, there is not just one but so many benefits of leather shoes.

wanna know why leather shoes getting on my nerves- here we have the reasons!


That’s a fact you can’t deny, genuine leather is damm stylish. They look luxury. The classic taste, with sober design looks chic. Leather naturally makes the shoes or clothes look classy and luxurious. Do you know why? Because the material is sleek and shiny! It’s not like other synthetic or plastic material that gives a cheap look on a subtle dressing.

You can find a perfect pair at


We all are aware of this point. Am I right? Well still, let me explain you a little more.
One of the biggest benefits of leather shoes is they are durable. Shoe made from other material by torn down after a certain time period but leather shoes, (genuine leather) can outlive this time period of other shoes. High quality leather stays strong against demanding work environments meaning the shoes will last much longer.
You can find a perfect pair at

People might think they can buy 2 synthetic shoes instead of one pair of leather shoes, where they mistake it by doing so. Leather is an investment , and it won’t go out of fashion anytime soon!


Isn’t it like adding an extra quality to the already existing material?

When you work outside, you need to take care of your shoes for sure. Leather when treated and waxed then it will be resistant against water and other liquids. Well, it’s a truth that leather shoes can keep your toes dry from any spills or puddles.



Leather shoes are not just a treat to eyes but also releases a level of comfort.
As well as being a naturally strong material, leather is also very comfortable.
They offer a high level of support and comfort to your feet. Finding the right shoes is very important to avoid injuring feet and other body parts.

You can find a perfect pair at

best leather shoes 4


Are we talking about Leather here? Well, then one can definitely brag a little. When it comes to leather, we don’t cut corners. I mean it, literally! Did you know that each piece of full-grain leather is cut, its cut as one piece, making the product last longer with limited stitching.

Wait! Let me explain it easy. Leather since the time I remember is one of the finest materials. And why it is the finest is because of its great characteristics.

It lasts longer than any other fabric, plastic, canvas etc. material.

Today specifically I’m going to brag about LEATHER LAPTOP BAGS!

When looking for a high-quality bag, leather is the clear choice for a long-lasting product with its ability to age beautifully over time.


Choose a leather laptop bag for men or even women, and on the other hand, choose a regular laptop bag for the same. You wouldn’t even have to think twice. The sure shot winner here is the leather laptop bag– be it a leather sleeve or a messenger bag, leather always wins the game. It’s a classic. A style quotient for many teenagers to young adults to old age people as well!

That’s a fact that each bag with full-grain leather will be as unique as the next. While you purchase a leather bag, you may notice natural scarring or even little spots. That’s because leather is an old material beaten up real hard to produce fine products. You can find such leather products on

They take amazing pride in using real products that show old-world class with a modern twist.

2. They got the DURABILITY :

If ever we are aware of – leather is an option, why would we look for other materials.

Unlike canvas, leather laptop bags are abrasion and water-resistant.

Another property that I came across is- In leather vs nylon race, leather bags the gold medal. You know why! Because of its durability and longevity. So, it’s a big-big YES! To buy leather products over any other material.

A perfect example of old craftsmanship!

3. Leather Bags are VERSATILE:

I need not have to say much here because it’s pretty evident. Leather laptop bags are very much appropriate for men of all age groups.

Don’t you believe me? Well look around, and observe, you will notice every other person nowadays- majorly students and working adults have a laptop, out of which 75% prefer leather. Leather comes in a variety of colors (dark shades) and designs nowadays that they are so versatile and certainly the best type of laptop bags with fine leather quality can be found on Teakwood Leathers.

So? What are you waiting for? If you don’t own one, buy it today. Trust me, I can vouch for that. Leather bags are an investment. You are surely gonna put your money in the right pot!

Visit us-

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“IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT” because all you need to think in this 2018 is Leather products are worth the value.

Leather accessories are definitely important when you are building your wardrobe from top to bottom.
And if you think that leather is a winter material, then my dear friend you go totally wrong here because leather is one of the essentials, and can be worn/ carried during any season. It’s like a seasonal classic. Be it leather shoes, say women’s leather bags or cases, men’s leather shoes, bags, belts etc.
No matter how amazing clothes you have in your wardrobe, but if you don’t have the right of accessories to carry with it, what’s the use? You just lost the style battle in the fashion world.
You may not carry a bag or a case or wear belts all the time but footwear is a must. And from footwear, let us jump onto shoes. This part of dressing is something as important as your clothes. In fact, it’s a saying that ‘a man is judged by nothing, but his shoes’.

So here we here with few must have-leather accessories in 2018.


A pair of leather shoes for casual wear with smart dressing is a big yes yes! to have in your wardrobe. Brown, Tan, Black or even Blue are few trending colours that are going nowhere in the next coming few years. So, make an investment in this accessory that will result into looking smart any season. You can shop these at Teakwood.


I’m sure there are trendy bags coming up every now and then, but honey notch up your style if you want to stay in the game.
The duffle bag is undoubtedly the most versatile bag of all. You can use it to the gym or for a weekend gateway with your friends and family or even a business trip for that matter.
It’s an all rounder. It is not only stylish but incredibly useful, too.


I need not have to explain the importance of a good, smart and a simple leather belt. You already know pros of a well-built leather belt. So, I recommend one should probably have a couple of leather belts in two to three colours preferably black and brown is a must if you purchasing them. It gives weight to your overall dressing, especially if matched with your shoes.


Pay attention to little details. Your wallet is something you always carry with you. So don’t bargain on the quality here. Leather wallets look the most sexy and definitely are durable than any other.
A fine leather wallet can elevate your overall personality. You can find the finest quality at Teakwood.
A good quality men’s leather wallet can leave a great impression on people around your circle.

So buzz in, look for what all you don’t have ion your wardrobe and buy it right away.
It’s just not a purchase. It’s a style investment.

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Roomy bags with luxe appeal are on everyone’s wish list. What else does one need other than a spacious bag enhancing the formal demeanor up a notch? Quirky, bright and colored leather bags are the trend-setters of Spring Summer’18; however, the leather handbags are not lacking any attention. These are the timeless classics that not only add to your personality, in fact, can be used for years so we wouldn’t call it a splurge. Spending your pockets on a lavish leather bag is an investment!

If you fall in the list of classic seekers then you are on the right page. We have culled the best stylish and spacious leather handbags that will consummate all your desk to drink affairs.

Keeping up the rigors of the chic modern lifestyle, the messenger bags have evolved varyingly. Up class and stylish, these bags are comfortable to carry and spacious enough to hold your things organized. A firm bag with outer pockets gives you the leeway to keep your tablets and laptops along with your other office essentials. The messenger bags are a versatile piece to hang on to as they complement all your styles, be it a sharp suit your dress yourself up in or a semi-formal look your perceive. The beauty lies in the versatility and functionality.

A right travel bag is all you need to spend your vacation in relaxation. A spacious travel bag is a must-have for you as you have to keep all your essentials stacked. With enough room to withhold your things safe, this duffel bag is a must to take along. The genuine leather quality of the bag makes it a functional piece and this will be your companion for years. Easy to hold, this duffle is a handy option for the travelers out there. Be it a causal trip with friends or even business trip with colleagues, the bag will deliver you enough class and appeal throughout.

Complementing your causal as well as formal looks throughout the season, this black leather bag is a perfect piece to add to your wardrobes. This bag is absolutely chic and commodious. Be it denim and a t-shirt look you want to carry with the bag or a crisp shirt and pants with a tie look you go for, the bag will suit you in any of the scenarios. The broad straps provide you enough support to carry the bag with ease. This bag is the most sought-after style which can be used for multiple events and with multiple looks.

For a distinct appreciation of style, class, functionality and versatility, incorporating a leather bag in your repertoire becomes a must. Switch over to the classic styles and sway away the wardrobe woes. Teakwood Leathers envisages a broad range of leather bags including messenger bags, laptop bags, duffle bags, sling bags and travel bags etc that will prove to be a true companion to you wherever you go.

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Dressing perfectly is surely a gentleman’s treat but if the shoe isn’t playing the right game there, the look falls off instantly. A good shoe can make your ensemble look 10 times better where on the other hand; a shabby shoe can give a bad trip to your entire dressy look.

A shoe depicts your personality and plays a major role in making your entire look come through well. You are being judged by the kind of the shoe your wear; therefore it’s a must to own a perfect shoe for oneself.

If you are not paying heed to your shoes until now, it’s time for you to up the ante of your shoe game by incorporating some hot picks in your wardrobe. Choosing a perfect pair of shoe can be quite tricky hence, there are things you must keep in mind while shoe shopping.

Know Your Shoe

Shoes come in diverse range and distinguished styles- Oxfords, Monks, Brogues, Boots and Derby are the exclusive members of the formal shoe family. Every shoe holds a distinct style; the Oxfords being the most popular have become ubiquitous. These in vogue and well-liked men’s shoes are the immutable statement piece of every shoe closet for the formal to casual go-to styles. Monks are the decorated strappy delight to one’s feet and are suitable to pair with the suits and tuxedos. Boots are the bearers of bold style, well to go with ripped denim and even tux; they hold a daring dapper look. Derby is the comfortable slip in and out shoe that is well to go with your formal as well as casual look. Choose according to what it’s worth and what goes with your everyday style.

Style It Right

Style plays a yet more crucial role when dressing up formal. Formal shoes are versatile, be it a free casual look or a formal conventional style, formal shoes have your back.

For a true gentleman’s look, oxfords are best to be paired with your well-fitted suits. The oxfords feature the tied-up lace and comfortable fit. Moreover, other than matching them with suits and pants; they can be well paired up with chinos and jeans for a semi-formal cum casual look. Trade them with your classic denim and a sharp shirt for a wonderful ensemble to behold.

Monk shoes are the perfect dressy shoes for a fantastic formal appeal. Add a complex style statement to your look in this fancy footwear. A brown monk shoe will very well go with a navy blue suit; the brown will balance out the hues and give a clean and crisp put-together look. Flaunt an all-black classy style by pairing a black monk shoe with your well-fitted black slim suits or a tuxedo for an evening do.

Be it board meetings or an official party you are doomed to attend, a smart formal look is what puts you in the sophisticated grid of style. To achieve the same, it’s a must for you to escalate your shoe game right away. Get your fingers tapped on to brace up your shoe closets now.

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Reasons to Invest in a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the most expensive investment one can make to his/her closet. The part and parcel of everyone’s fall wardrobe, this fashion staple is a must-have for all. Winter chills and the leather love go hand in hand. Since this expensive essential digs a big hole in your bank balance, one usually gets stumped on buying one or not.

Well to clear the air, we have culled the reasons for you to finally invest in a leather jacket this season.


The leather jacket has always been in vogue and is a cool guy affair. From celebrities like Hugh Jackman to runway designers like Alexander Mc Queen and Tom Ford, the awe-inspiring leather has always left the crowd drool over this rich textile. If you are a person with eclectic taste then the leather jackets are your thing. It adds oodles of charisma to your look and an extension to your personality.


When talking about versatility, a leather jacket sets the stage here. It looks good on every outfit with an added impact of class and luxury on you. Trade it with a classic shirt and jeans or tune it with a t-shirt and a pair of boots, this would never leave you disappointed. If you have more of formal meetings and conference events to attend, you might want to go for a blazer whereas if you are a party going freak and love casual walks on street, then the leather jackets come in handy.


A leather jacket is the most durable part of your wardrobe and is a timeless staple that can be carried along for years. The rich texture and the finely crafted details set them out amass the regular jackets available in the market. This ageless fashion treat to your winter wardrobe can stay all pristine because of its rich quality and fine built. Given, this iconic style never goes out of fashion you can carry it anytime regardless of being laid back in style or off- trends.


A leather jacket fits like a second skin. The well-tailored cuts and stitch of a premium leather jacket make in an on-the-go option for one to add to their closet. Leather jackets come in a variety of designs, from zipped and cuffed bombers to zip and hem belted biker jackets. Keep in mind which would suit you better, where often you’d like to carry it and choose accordingly. A leather jacket can be dressed up and down, it looks over-dressed or underdressed and any given point or place.


The main concern when dressing up in winters lies in wearing something that is warm and cozy. A leather jacket with its high insulating properties provides you the necessary warmth. Surely, other jackets might have the insulating features too but a leather jacket stands off the others due to its lush feel and unmissable comfort.